, the latest evolution in independent movie production, is accepting music submissions for the soundtracks of all their upcoming movies. Bands, musicians, and composers have the chance to contribute to the melody of a feature film… an opportunity that is hard, if not impossible, to get in either Hollywood or NYC. All music will be heard and voted on by members of who are producing the different movies.  “Music can either make or break a movie” said Mike Wojciechowski, Board Chairman of “Music sets the rhythm, tone, and keeps the movie going during breaks and pauses in dialogue. In horror, it prepares us for the entrance of evil and in romance it sets the mood for an emotional rollercoaster.


Submitting music for a film is absolutely free. Musicians become members of and review the different movies in production Audio files of original music that fit the premise of the movies can be uploaded directly to the site. Sorry, no covers allowed! Once the music clips are up, members are allowed to vote for their favorites. Musicians are encouraged to use the power of social media like Facebook and Twitter to invite their friends, family and colleagues to vote for them, thereby increasing their chances of landing a role.


“An opportunity for unknown musicians across the country to participate in a Hollywood movie is unheard of,” said President, Frank McEnulty. “This gives every garage band the opportunity to experience what it means to participate in composing a movie soundtrack.”


Launched in Spring 2010, 2.0 has added new engaging features including open casting calls, music auditions, the ability to get walk on roles on the films and more.  Purchasing the Associate Producer package for $49.95, allows members access to the Producers’ Lounge where they can participate in voting on character names, script changes, view dailies and behind the scenes footage and drama from the set. Each producer of the movie receives a certificate and press release announcing their involvement as a distinguished associate producer of the film, along with a t-shirt and, once the movie is completed, a copy of the movie with their associate producer credit (and only theirs) in the opening credits. This new approach to filmmaking will provide entertainment to movie enthusiasts around the world while simultaneously fulfilling the dreams of movie makers by financing their projects.