Being in South Africa and watching the progress is a real eye opener.  Understanding the leadership position Black Americans have in the eyes of the entire continent, we need to further challenge ourselves and others to the higher standard and more successes.  We cannot assume these right wing tea baggers are not serious about making our lives more difficult.

That said, to sit idly by and let the racist white boys like Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Ran Paul, and the silly Sarah Palin insult the President of the United States and his DAUGHTER has really drawn the line.  The President can take care of himself, but the insults to his children are really saying, "We hate the President, his color, the fact a nigger is in the White House, and his spawn is more intelligent than ours."

The calling of President Obama a liar was unheard of with any other President.  Bush destroyed this nation in just 8 years, yet he nor his children were never insulted by elected officials and the media as this President has been.  The idea that Fox News and many white politicians feel they can say anything they want about President Obama goes to the heart of a rabid hatred of a Black man sitting in the Oval Office, in spite of the fact that white people helped put him there.

Our economic and other voices need to be heard.  We can no longer sit silently and allow these attacks to continue.  They only encourage and allow those who engage in this denigration to spit more stupidity and hate.  They may no longer use the "N word" in public (yes they do), but they certainly retain their vitriolic attitude and disrespect for people of color. 

I would suggest each one of you contact your constituencies and insist they contact Fox News, its advertisers, your elected officials and those responsible to let them know "this shit is not going to continue without consequences."  If Cheney can say "fuck you" to a congressional member, since then it seems as civility, common courtesy and proper decorum are out.

South Africa is watching as we handle these fearful white folk who seethe at the notion that the world is no longer just white.  We must demonstrate to them and the world, that to be truly profitable and successful, you must be in the black.  Let's remind them of our powerful wallets, purses, bank accounts and voices.

They will not stop unless we stop them. Do it now.