Dr. DeJarra K. Sims is a Licensed Naturopathic Doctor in the State of Arizona. She is also trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture (TCM), Minor Surgery and Osteopathic Manipulation and Soft Tissue Massage.

Dr. Sims’ practices a style of medicine which emphasizes strengthening the human body’s ability to heal itself.  This includes using approaches derived from nature such as herbal medicine and hydrotherapy, as well as prescribing dietary supplementation and  homeopathy. She also encourages self responsibility for achieving optimal health with dietary and lifestyle counseling.  

Dr. Sims believes that drugs and surgery are a necessary component in medicine but are most often used by her as a last resort or in urgent/emergency situations.  Nature Cure is always at the forefront of treatment allowing the body the necessary time needed to replenish, renew and restore balance.

As a naturopathic physician she takes into account the whole person by creating personalized treatment protocols which typically combine several modalities to prevent illness, treat disease, and promote life-long wellness. 

Recently, with the launching of her new cosmetic line, Clean and Natural, LLC., She brings the concept of true and total wellness to the cosmeceutical industry by providing natural alternatives to hair, skin and beauty products.  

She is currently a member of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP) and the Arizona Naturopathic Medical Association (AzNMA)

New Clients are welcome at Synergy of Health.  Please review our host of services and the benefits.

Private/Personal Physician Services

In addition to the General/Family Medicine Services offered by our clinic, Dr. Sims also has optional programs that allow you to customize your healthcare experience in order to minimize the stress caused by rising healthcare cost, personal/business scheduling conflicts and lack of or inadequate insurance policies.  With Synergy of Health, PLLC. personalized wellness packages, you take the responsibility of your Healthcare back into YOUR own hands!

Benefits of  Synergy of Health, PLLC. Personalized Health Care

Longer appointment Times, Same Day appointments

You receive longer appointments with little or no waiting, because your personal physician treats a limited number of patients.  Our friendly employees know our patients by name and do their utmost to help your visit go smoothly.

After hour and weekend appointments

Synergy of Health, PLLC. provides unparalleled access to your physician.  Since many urgent care medical problems occur beyond standard office hours, we link patients to their physician 24/7.  Patients will have access to their doctor’s personal cell phone for after-hour emergencies

House Calls

We also realize that urgent medical problems occasionally prevent a patient from coming to the physician’s office when he or she is too sick to do so.  That is why we borrow from the past by offering personal house calls by your personal physician.

Annual Physicals

We provide all patients with a complete, comprehensive annual physical exam with specific, personalized recommendations for achieving optimal health

Online Access

Secure e-mail access to your physician and optional online video consultations from the comfort of your home.


In our medical practice, all physician visits are performed outside the scope of insurance.  This means no co-pays or deductibles, no bills to submit to insurance companies, no hassles and no hidden charges.

However, our program does not replace conventional health insurance.  Conventional health insurance is necessary for all expenses outside of our office.  For example, lab work, x-rays, visits to specialists, hospital charges etc.

Our Fee

If you choose to experience Synergy of Health, PLLC. Personalized Health Care,  you will have a choice of  program packages which range in price from $1,000 -$6000 per person, per year paid in full at the beginning of the year or in equal monthly or quarterly payments.  Children under age 18 whose parents join the practice are $800.

Any visits or services in addition to those listed in program are charged a special discounted price. Either party may cancel the agreement at any time with a one-month prior notice.

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