What is Yoga and what are the benefits to this ancient art? Is it truly beneficial to practice it?

Yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning “union” or “to yoke”. The intent here is to bring together mind, body and spirit for a more pleasant human experience.

 The origins of Yoga can be traced as far back as five thousand years ago. Yoga has now evolved from being practiced solely in India to a worldwide phenomenon.

Yoga’s three main components focus on poses or asanas, breathing in order to improve overall well being and meditation to quiet the mind.

There are many different types of Yoga. Some of the most popular forms are Hatha, Ashtanga, Kundalini, and Inyegar. Many more have developed throughout the years.

Scientific evidence suggests that the regular practice of Yoga promotes better sleeping pattern, lowers blood pressure and reduces stress, among many other benefits. Yoga is also used in patients with cancer and many forms of addictions.

Yoga is a practice, so be gentle on yourself. You may not be able to do a headstand on your first day. As you continue, you will become better at it. Also to be noted, for all the competitors out there… Yoga is not about proving how great you are to anyone. It is an individual practice. Keep that for the basketball court or wherever else you “compete”.

The only competition, if that can be called so happens on the mat. It is about becoming better day after day. It is about finding out who you are (and you will) and what your limitations are. It is about going beyond that which you know… A personal challenge of sorts.

So, whether you are looking to diversify your workout routine or just seeking a more enjoyable activity, get on the mat. And remember that Yoga does not discriminate. It is for every body and everybody!

Nama ste!