Scottsdale, Arizona – 5/05/2011 – Arlette Pender, Owner of Hairloks by Arlette, a natural hair care salon that caters to Black hair presents CURLYLOKS, a series of “hands on” natural hair care workshops.  CURLYLOKS teaches parents how to care for the hair of Black, Biracial and children of African descent.  The first workshop is scheduled for May 29th, 3PM – 6PM at

7000 E. Shea Blvd
(inside Signature Salons) in Scottsdale. All supplies will be provided.  There is a nominal fee of $25 to cover the cost of materials. Parents are expected to bring their children.

In a CURLYLOKS workshop, parents are taught everything from the best type of products to use to how to comb through kinky, tangled hair without pain.  They are given the tools they need to make sure their child never has to worry about a “bad hair day!” 

Most people realize that Black children usually do not have hair that is as silky, wavy, or straight as Caucasian or Asian children.  So the products and method of styling and maintaining healthy, well-groomed hair is not the same.  While not a Civil Rights issue, in today’s image conscious culture, children are as concerned about the image they present as adults and it plays a role in the development of healthy self esteem.  

  A Yale University study of the psychology of “bad-hair days” found people’s self-esteem declines, when their hair is badly combed or ungroomed.  Unkempt hair makes people feel less smart, less capable, more embarrassed, and less sociable. The study participants were Black, White, and Asian Yale students.. 

Pender, who specializes in natural hair care, notes that there is a history of subjecting children, especially girls, to hair alterations (chemicals or devices for straightening or curling frizzy or kinky hair)  that can damage the hair, scalp or follicles.  This is addition to what changing the texture of a child’s hair does to their perception of themselves and those that look like they do.  CURLYLOKS workshops teach parents that there is a beautiful, natural alternative.

The remaining CURLYLOKS workshops are scheduled for  June 12th, August 21st and September 11th, 3 – 5pm at 7000 E. Shea Blvd. (inside Signature Salon Studios) Scottsdale AZ.  There is a nominal charge of $25 to cover supplies.  Space is limited.  Additional information is available at