Phoenix, Arizona; March 24, 2015- HHH Publishing is excited to announce the release of our flagship publication, HHH Magazine in print. HHH Magazine is a quarterly publication that covers music, lifestyle, fashion and health with an emphasis on community.  

HHH Magazine has primarily been an online publication that was launched in 2009. It has been an instrumental tool in giving a voice to talent that previously lacked the budget to get global exposure. With an online audience of more than a million viewers and that spans across over 55 countries to date; we have seen a 72.6% increase in our audience since January 2015, we have made our presence known. Nominated for “Online Magazine of the Year” by Southern Entertainment Awards in 2011, we continue to assist the unsigned & independent community.

We at HHH Magazine are proud to be a gossip-free publication for more than 6 years. Our editorial articles focus on issues that are important to the community by featuring “Extraordinary Students.” These students, despite their day to day adversities manage to stay committed to their education and community.

For questions please feel free to email me at: or call: 602-492-4609.