November 19, 2014 by Staff   
( Kudos black women! Pat yourselves on the back. Welcome back black woman! You shut down hundreds of Asian businesses across America and I’m loving it… loving it… loving it…loving it! When I first told you about the Asians taking truckloads of money out of the black community you immediately reassessed the problem. You entered the data into your brain computer and you printed out a solution.

You went natural. You ignored all the news outlets, movies, magazines, television shows and internet propaganda telling you to look more like white women. You ignored Beyonce’s weave and did your own thing. Meanwhile, white women were out getting lip injections, butt injections, tan in a can and ethnic- training (did you like that word?), to look just like you. White women can imitate you- black woman, but they can’t duplicate you. And they sure as hell don’t have your natural hair.

Oh, there’s going to be backlash from the dominate society who sees your change as an affront to their power; recognizing the lies and manipulation. However; keep it up!  Your children will see this and be proud of mommy and wish to emulate you instead of the false, propaganda images they put on television.

I am so happy for you black woman and you black man. You pulled together and made it happen. You’ve rousted thousands of Asians from the black community who had been exploiting us. Black man pat yourself on the back too- for doing your part. You told your black Queens how beautiful her natural hair looked-and made her smile. She needed to hear that positive affirmation coming from you. Great job black woman for showing your daughters you could abandon your weave and go natural. They will follow suit.

I’m one of the first people to call attention to the Asian problem and now you’re sending them back to the orient in droves; empty handed. As the love for yourself increases, so will your thirst for the knowledge of who you are. And to all the people who were talking trash to me and you for loving ourselves; you all know what you can kiss don’t you? We’re winning and I’m loving it! God Bless Black America!

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Staff Writer; Xavier James
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