I read your posted article; http://azbp.com/article.php?id=386

Anyway, I thought it was interesting. I see and hear a lot about what we as black consumers should do, but rarely have I seen anything that tells our black businesses to “keep up” with the consumer needs and wants. I understand that it is a conscientious effort on our part, but it is also up to the business to make sure they are delivering on expectations.

I think we don’t buy most times because of our past and continuous experiences with other black businesses. Not that we don’t want to contribute and support, but that we want to still be treated as a consumer and not a “sis” or “bro” just because we are black consumers. We still expect to be greeted when entering the store or treated and spoken to like they would anyone else that’s not black. I’ve experienced that first hand…..listened to a black owner speak to a white person then when she spoke to me, her grammar was lax and she was instantly comfortable. It may not seem like a big deal, but I’d like to see us stop doing this and know that not all black people want to see our black businesses remain in this box. We have to step it up and establish images that make us proud black people, to excel and not remain the same.

Just my few cents.

Name withheld by request