Dear Black Chamber of Arizona Members and Community Supporters:

Change is never easy. However, after careful consideration, the Board of Directors has mutually agreed to part ways with Kerwin Brown due to strategic and philosophical differences. As such, Kerwin provided his resignation and the Board accepted. We want to thank him for his leadership.

The Black Chamber of Arizona, as all businesses, continually evaluates its effectiveness, strategic direction and ability to meet the needs of its members. Under Kerwin\'s tenure, we expanded to serve the entire state. This change was ambitious but unfortunately premature. Our membership is located in Maricopa County. As such, going forward we will focus on strengthening our base in the greater Phoenix area as well as creating additional strategic alliances and key initiatives designed to enhance our footprint in key parts of the state.

The Black Chamber of Arizona has processes and procedures in place to manage the day-to-day operations of the Chamber. The Board of Directors, with Marchelle Franklin as Board Chair, will provide strategic leadership while the search for a permanent replacement takes place. We expect to appoint a new President/CEO in 2017.

We remain committed to the Black Chamber of Arizona\'s mission of improving the lives of our members by helping them develop their businesses through key initiatives and programs, and by serving as an advocate for our members at the state and local level.


The Black Chamber of Arizona Board of Directors