Ultimate Symbol today announced the publication in February, 2018 of "ELLA: A Biography of the

Legendary Ella Fitzgerald," by Geoffrey Mark. This Centennial Birthday Edition is illustrated with

275 photos of Ella, with artifacts from her life and internationally acclaimed career. Developed

with material from the archives of her estate, ELLA reveals the unknown side of the famous vocalist.

This tome not only covers her entire career with many never-before seen photos, interviews, and

anecdotes, but delivers for the first time the true, untold story of Ella - the woman.

A "Deluxe Edition" will also be available that includes an exclusive 2-CD set of forty studio and live

tracks. These tracks were carefully selected by Ella expert/author Mark from all four of her major

recording labels, gathering for the first time ever in one collection the best of her work from 1935

through 1990, and programmed as she would have sung them in live performance. This collection is

exclusive to the book and cannot be purchased elsewhere.

Ella Jane Fitzgerald became an internationally celebrated cultural force who has been called the

greatest female singer in history. ELLA chronicles the ultimate rags-to-riches embodiment of the

American dream, whose personal life was one of the best-kept secrets in show business. In her

lifetime, the "The First Lady of Song" sold over 40 million albums, wrote hit songs, devoted herself

to philanthropy, and amassed countless awards and commendations, including 13 Grammys,

honorary doctorates from Harvard and Yale, the National Medal of Arts, France's Commander of

Arts and Letters, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Miss Fitzgerald is known in every part of the world as "Queen of Jazz," "First Lady of Song,"

"Mama Jazz," and "The Memorex Lady." Her bittersweet life juxtaposes the tragedy of a homeless

orphan who faced poverty, racial prejudice, sexual and physical abuse, with a talent and a burning

ambition that led to an astonishing musical career spanning seven decades. She was an African

American woman who fought racism and sexism in an industry completely dominated by white

males. Despite her challenges, Ella Fitzgerald topped them all, enjoying a career and a musical legacy

rivaling or surpassing those of Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, and Michael Jackson.


"Finally, Ella Fitzgerald has gotten the biography that she deserves. In Geoffrey Mark's empathetic

but clear-eyed portrait, both the vocal legend and the woman are brought vividly, insightfully

and movingly to life." - James Gavin, award-winning author of 'Deep in a Dream: The Long Night

of Chet Baker' and 'Stormy Weather: The Life of Lena Horne'

"Nobody has ever captured the amazing life and exemplary career of the Premiere Chanteuse as

well as Mr. Mark has in this book. This is the authoritative compendium that will remain the last

word on Ella Fitzgerald!" - Randy West, jazz radio host & legendary TV announcer

"This'only in America' story is told with accuracy and great regard by Mr. Mark. His research and

writing style make this the definitive tome on The First Lady of Song! This book would have made

Ella proud." - Don Wardell, Grammy Award-winner and Great American Songbook radio host at

107.3 MOD FM, Palm Springs, CA

Author Geoffrey Mark, an Emmy Award winner and Grammy Award nominee, has been called

a "walking encyclopedia of show business history." A singer/stand-up comedian in nightclubs and

cabarets, and an Off-Broadway veteran, Mark has hosted radio series, written comedy for several

stand-up comedians, and writes and produces documentaries and reality shows for cable television.

Mark has three best-selling books, including The Lucy Book and is the producer of Nigel: Come

Back to Me, a CD with a seventeen piece Big Band.

Proceeds from the Deluxe Edition will be donated to The Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Foundation to

further her desire to help people of all races, cultures and beliefs. Ella hoped to make their lives more

rewarding, and she wanted to foster a love of reading, as well as a love of music, through grants and

scholarships that provide music education and to provide exposure to the joys and beauty of music for

children and adults. For more about the EFCF or to donate, visit: www.ellafitzgerald.com