The City of Phoenix is reaching out with information about business and resident assistance. At your convenience, please take a look at the programs that are currently available.
1. Small Business Relief Grants for eligible businesses with 6-25 employees (up $10,000) (Businesses with 5 or fewer employees should not apply for Small Business Relief Grant.)
2.Microbusiness Resiliency Grantsfor eligible microbusinesses, solo practitioners, and entrepreneurs with fewer than 5 employees (up to $5,000)

To apply for the Small Business or Microbusiness grant, please visit the Arizona Community Foundation at : []
English - []
Spanish - []
If you have questions while completing your grant application, please call the ACF directly at 602-381-1400.

1.Commercial City Services Bill Relief Grant provides financial assistance for businesses with commercial water and sewer accounts with the city. Questions? Call 602-262-6251 (Any business that applies for a Small Business or Microbusiness grant can ask for assistance with its commercial City Services bill through those applications.)
2.Residential City Services Bill Relief Grant provides financial assistance for residents, including home-based businesses, with rent/mortgage and utility bills (electric, gas, and City Services). To apply contact a participating agency listed in the Phoenix CARES Act (PDF).
If you have any questions or comments, please feel welcome to contact me.

Good health to you and yours,
Kedrick Ellison
Program Manager
City of Phoenix
Community and Economic Development